Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Anestesiologi Dan Terapi Intensif Indonesia
Perhimpunan Dokter Intensive Care Indonesia
Bandung, 09 - 17 Sept 2019

Tailored Made Orientation in Anesthesia And Intensive Care

Ketua Pengurus Pusat Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Anestesiologi Dan Terapi Intensif Indonesia (PERDATIN)

Dr. Andi Wahyuningsih Attas, SpAn, KIC, MARS

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to the 12th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Anesthesiologist and intensive Therapy (PERDATIN). This year is very special because we are also joining force with the Indonesian society of Intensivist and as we integrate this year’s theme with the world sepsis day campaign, the theme for the 2019 National Meeting will be “Tailored Made Orientation in Anesthesia And Intensive Care”

The fields of Anesthesiology and Critical Care are changing, and our roles around the nation are shifting. Anesthesiologists are no longer bound to the operating room. We are at the core of the modern hospital – and beyond. We participate in a multitude of new interventional procedures, and enable modern high quality healthcare to be provided in a safe, painless manner. Nevertheless, patients disease are getting more complicated, surgeries are getting more complex., and the burden of cost efficiency that become a national challenge that we still have to provide the best yet relevant management for each and every patient we got.

A glance through the list of presentations planned reveals the amazing diversity of these problems. They range from cutting edge new science in anesthesia., introduction of new equipments and parameter to guideline therapy and interactive case discussion to get more sense of the real upcoming problem we’re facing. All in the hopes of finding not only the current guideline but the best, relevant and effective management tailored for every individual patient.

In nowadays modern world, anesthesia is not measured only by patient on table survival but also a better outcome such as quality of life, length of hospital stay and even duration of pain felt after the surgery was measured then it is natural that critical care becomes a second layer of our skin. So working together with another point of view carries a humanous bonus to our view.

PERDATIN has a special focus on capacity – building. We always strive to help anesthesiologists, hospitals and our people in general to build up a solid body of well – trained anesthesiologists and continuously try to refine the skills of specialists in anesthesia who can continuously pass on their expertise to future generations. So training programs and skills set in this event is one of the contribution we have in mind.

We must not forget our well – being, our health and the patients involvement in their care so you will see many topics provided also cover those subjects as well.

Lastly, I would like to extend my invitation to not only the main event but also enjoy our beautiful host city of Bandung. Famous for its scenery, culinaries, springs, theme parks and shopping streets. Bandung will truly give you a chance to recharge before getting back to your daily activities. On behalf of PERDATIN I sincerely hope that you will come and make this event one of PERDATIN’s highlight event of the year.

dr. Andi Wahyuningsih Attas, SpAn, KIC, MARS
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