Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Anestesiologi Dan Terapi Intensif Indonesia
Perhimpunan Dokter Intensive Care Indonesia
Bandung, 09 - 17 Sept 2019

Tailored Made Orientation in Anesthesia And Intensive Care

Ketua Pengurus Pusat Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Anestesiologi Dan Terapi Intensif Indonesia (PERDATIN)

dr. Jajang S Mail, SpAn

Respected colleagues,

It is with great pleasure for me to welcome you to our second proceeding of the 2019 Joint National Congress of Indonesian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive therapy (PERDATIN) along with the Indonesian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (PERDICI) and the World Sepsis Day. It is a rare and unique opportunity that these major forces in modern medicine can join together and hopefully will have an immense aftermath.

As the course of diseases in Indonesia continue to change due to the globalized world, reemerging diseases, aging society and super resistant bacteria we see now in everyday work many doctors in their own respective fields continuously meet challenges and questions that their medical school may not have thought them. Adding to this issue is the rise of new technology, publication of new journals and new drugs that are being developed and tested which becomes a continuous source of change in modern practice.

At this point, the professional organization becomes a leaning point to all its member to be able to discuss, share and even open debates about these clinical scenarios and put them into a reasonable Indonesian perspective. Enabling its members to adjust or tweak founding’s and allow it to match current working environment and even to keep oneself alerted about the new ongoing trends today in their fields. A selection of topics and speakers has been matched to deliver cutting edge news to the floor during the seminar. I invite you to take part in the continuing professional development and poster competition as a routine part of our program.

Last but not least this year I also would like to extend my invitation for you to enrich our right brain in musical activities such as a national vocal group competition and activities with sports and sounds in our world sepsis day campaign. I invite you to Bandung to be part of this unique opportunity, rekindle with old friends and have some relaxing time with your family.

dr. Jajang S Mail, SpAn
Congress Chairman
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